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Over the past decade interest in research on screen translation has increased sharply while at the same time fast moving technological breakthroughs are continually modifying and renewing both products and well-established methods of linguistic mediation.Thus, as more scholars choose to devote their energies to investigating this multi-faceted field, there is an ever-growing need to map out where the discipline stands and where it is going in terms of research.There are two screens under the Network Admin Updates.In the default Available Updates Screen , you can update Word Press, themes and plugins.This book sets out to establish the state of the art of this ever expanding field and at the same time to underscore the work of scholars following new paths of investigation both in terms of innovative linguistic mediations being examined and pioneering experimental design.

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empirically based viewer centred studies which are still rare yet essential if we wish to gain a thorough understanding of the field.

Finally, the volume does not fail to ignore examples of original research carried out from both a traditional linguistic viewpoint and from a more cultural perspective.

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