Drumheller online dating

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Along the banks of the Red Deer River lies the small, quaint town of Drumheller, sometimes known as the Dinosaur Capital of the World due to the vast amounts of fossils found in the valleys.

The town itself is charming and historic, with small, independent museums, and a friendly, laidback vibe.

Our Drumheller daters are mostly between the ages of 28-38.

Most singles in Drumheller are looking for anything.

The Chamber of Commerce has been active in Drumheller for almost 100 years and represents over 230 members.We’ve got 1313 singles in Drumheller and the surrounding Alberta area.Our members in Drumheller have started over 15899 conversations.Millions of years ago the Drumheller area was tropical which created a great environment for plant growth and where dinosaurs could flourish. Tyrrell came to present-day Drumheller looking for coal and found the skull of a dinosaur near the Red Deer River.After a cataclysmic event, these dinosaurs were wiped out leaving only their bones to be discovered millions of years later. That dinosaur became known as the Albertasaurus and so began the collection of dinosaur remains that are sought after by museums all over the world.

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