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To carry out this task, we can create an abstract class methods.Here’s a simple example to illustrate how to use this class.

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When you bind to properties in WPF with for example: Value=”” the binding update behavior, i.e the trigger for value update, is controlled by the defaults set on the Dependency Property.Please note: the data context property of the user control inherits from the parent. But user controls don’t anticipate a data context type. Writing to one writes to the other and the dependency property itself keeps the coalesced value.Binding inside your user control isn’t exactly obvious either.You will, however, discover that all data binding has stopped working. Rather than explain why this is happening, let me simply share the solution. For Windows 8.x articles, see the archive ] Here we explain how to define and implement your own dependency properties for a Windows Runtime app using C , C#, or Visual Basic.

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